Procedures and Usage Regulations


The Village of Egg Harbor Marina is wholly owned and operated by the Village of Egg Harbor and is a facility that is open to the public for boating, fishing, and general recreational enjoyment. Boating, fishing, and general recreational enjoyment are hallmarks of the Door County and Egg Harbor experience. As a community the Village encourages water-related activities, and as a municipality strives to make the bay of Green Bay and all waters of the state of Wisconsin accessible and enjoyable for all. The Village Board has appointed a group of interested and supportive community members to oversee the harbor and marina operation. This group is the Harbor Committee, and it is chaired by a Village Trustee. The Harbor Committee, with support from the village administrative staff and the Marina Manager, review rules and procedures for the safe and efficient operation of the harbor and marina related facilities. The Harbor Committee is also responsible for making policy and operational recommendations to the Village Board of Trustees. Daily operations of the Egg Harbor Marina are seasonally conducted by the Marina Manager and his/her staff, which may include an Assistant Manager and several Dock Hands. We are pleased that you have chosen to be a part of our marina community, and we ask that you review the procedures and regulations outlined below. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Marina Manager or Village Administrator.


There are 3 ways to obtain a slip lease in the Village of Egg Harbor Marina:

  1. Be a returning slip-holder from the previous year.
  2. Place your name on a wait list and pay the required deposit to the Village office.
  3. Be a surviving spouse of a slip renter.


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