Fuel Dock


fuel-dock-555x300The fuel dock is situated in the middle of the marina and alongside of a very large north south pier. There is sufficient maneuvering room for boats up to 65 feet with easy entry and departure. Larger boats should make arrangements with the Harbor Master.

The new fuel dock is functional and attractive. Both diesel fuel and ethanol free gasoline are available during business hours or by appointment during the season. It features high speed fuel pumps and ample fuel storage.

The fuel dock is open every day of the week; including holidays during the season, May 15 through October 15. Our prices are quite competitive and are adjusted with each fuel delivery to the marina.

We also provide pump-out service which is connected directly to the Village sanitary system. This allows us to be reasonably priced and environmentally friendly. You will note a large landscaped depression between the fuel dock and the adjacent parking lot. This is a bio-filter that was specially designed for the marina to prevent contaminated runoff from entering the waters of Green Bay.


$25 for seasonal tenants and overnight transients
$30 for non-tenants