Waterfront & Public Beach


Another “gem” in the crown of the Egg Harbor Waterfront is the Village Beach. The beach offers families and children a fun place to enjoy the Door County sun. It also allows guests an opportunity to relax in a peaceful setting with spectacular views.

The new Beach Park is the result of several years and a series of actions taken by the Village Board.  In 2007, the board acquired 1.2 acres of prime beachfront property adjacent to the existing Beach Park. The purchase extended the waterfront to a total length of approximately 500 feet.

In late 2007 and early 2008, the Village integrated the existing park and the new parcel together as one entity. The work included removing barriers between the two parcels, extending the pathways and making the shoreline continuous. The top of the property was opened up by selective cutting and substantial removal of overgrowth; resulting in amazing views of the bay.

In 2009, as part of a grant received from the Wisconsin Coastal Management Commission, a water run-off project was completed along the shoreline of the new Beach Park. An engineered bio-filter with shore grasses and other plants designed to stop both erosion and occasional water contamination from the hills above was installed.  Simultaneously, the actual beach waterfront was remodeled, a jetty and some crumbling rock walls were taken down and scattered concrete riprap was removed. The village now has a continuous and attractive beach front 500 feet long.

The beach offers many amenities including an expanded playground, a small boat hand launch ramp, changing room buildings, additional walking paths, more parking, and additional conveniences. Improvements are made to the beach every year.

The village has also permitted Team Leadership Center of Door County to rent kayaks at the beach.

If you and your family enjoy parks, beaches, water, great panoramic vistas, swimming, building sand castles, or simply relaxing in the sun, the Egg Harbor Beach Park is for you.