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General Manager

Ali Gibbs

7815 Dock Rd, Egg Harbor, WI 54209

By Boat

Location: 45° 02′ 57.225″ N, 087° 17′ 03.198″ W
Charts: NOS 14902, 14909
Light List number: 21851
The dockmaster can be reached at 920-868-2048 and on VHF 9 (Primary) and 16.


Egg Harbor is a deep bay. It is wide open to winds from northwest to northeast but is well protected from all others. Shelter from northerlies is afforded by the village marina. There are no reefs or obstructions en route to the marina. There are a couple large private breakwalls just north and south of the marina to be aware of as you make your final approach. A green navigation light stands at the southern-most end of the new breakwall, with a green number-1 daymark facing northwest.

From Egg Harbor to…

Sturgeon Bay – 11 Miles South
Fish Creek – 5 Miles North

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